OCS is a local Environmental Consulting firm that provides asbestos testing services to Property Management Professionals for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential buildings.

We have 15 years experience servicing the Ottawa National Capital Region & Eastern Ontario. Our clients include government, Universities, property management firms, contractors, social housing corporations, insurance companies, mechanical consultants, architectural firms, and homeowners.

Consulting & Testing for Asbestos

Raw Asbestos

  1. Asbestos Testing & Inspection – click here
  2. Asbestos Air Monitoring & Testing – click here
  3. Asbestos Project Design, Tender, & Monitoring – click here
  4. Asbestos Construction Specification Writing – click here
  5. Asbestos Services for Regulatory Compliance – click here
  6. Designated Substances including Asbestos Surveying – click here

Please contact OCS to discuss your needs, get a free estimate for our service, or schedule an appointment. Ottawa Contaminant Solutions is a local environmental consulting firm located in Ottawa, Ontario. We service all surrounding areas including Kingston and Cornwall.


Asbestos Resources

  1. Asbestos Regulation of Ontario – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario – OHSA, R.S.O 1991
  3. Procedures for Identifying Asbestos Materials – 278/05, Section 3
  4. Mandatory Information for Workers – 278/05, Section 5
  5. Asbestos Management in Buildings – 278/05, Section 8
  6. Responsibilities before Requesting Tenders or Arranging Work – 278/05, Section 10
  7. Guide for the Asbestos Regulation of Ontario – Ministry of Labour – 2011
  8. Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario – Vermiculite Guideline

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